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Quality is not Negotiable

Anand Prabhala

6-Jan-2023 | 5 min read

With great power comes great responsibility. In this era of Hyper Automation (a winning combination of AI, Low-code, Conversational UX, Automation and RPA), testing and quality assurance is not an after thought or something late in the game. It is not something you do periodically either. With current state of Gitops and DevSecOps practices, organisations are deploying to production several times a day. Continuous Quality should be the norm.

How do you perform functional, performance and security testing for every deployment that is made? The way the more successful organizations achieve this is by having, testing as a non-negotiable contract for every component of the system. They make testing easy and accessible for every team and every one. Testing is engineered into the platform seamlessly.

Kisai, provides tools and framework for designing test cases, running them automatically for every build, validate every deployment, track quality metrics over builds, releases and deployments. Great testing teams and leaders have an evolved sense about product quality, not always capture by automation. Kisai, allows for capturing human confidence augmenting the objective metrics.

How do you ensure quality in your organization? How often do you performance benchmarking on your product? Do you do it on production? How often do you do penetration testing? Chaos testing?

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