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Kisai Thesis

Anand Prabhala

6-Jan-2023 | 5 min read

Startup founders have a worldview obtained by experiencing deep pain, great joy, empathy, constant learning and lots of observation. This worldview of founders reacts to market realities and condenses into a thesis. The journey of the founders and their startup is to prove or disprove this thesis. A successful proving of the thesis, transforms the startup into a viable, successful and thriving business.

Our thesis acts as our philosophical compass guiding us through difficult design questions and challenging times. And prevent us from building something we are not proud of.

First Principles Thinking

If we cannot reason in terms of first principles, we have not understood the domain well enough. A platform needs to ground itself in foundational truths, build reusable and verifiable blocks and allow more complex use cases to be built with simplicity.

Build for 1st to nth order effects

Users think of first order consequences. Application Developers should think in terms of second, third order actions and consequences. Platforms need to support with designing 1st to nth order actions and obtain the right results.

Sum should be greater than parts

Great products bring various disparate parts together, harness their synergies and generate more value than individual parts ever could. Bad integrations of good parts create bad products. Any software product built today brings together multiple software libraries, products and services together. Cohesive integration is the key.

Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible - Alan Kay

When a simple goal is to be achieved, tasks to achieve it should be simple as well. As the expectations increase, the complexity can increase sublinearly or linearly.

Convention > Configuration > Design > Extend > Customize > Code

Convention or sensible defaults should be the first step. If choices are needed, configuration should be possible. Complex configurations should be expressible as design. Extension should be way to add new functionalities with minimal code. Customizing should be possible for everyone to make it their own. If an expert has requirements which need deeper tinkering and coding, it should be possible.

Slow and thoughtful development

We believe slow and thoughtful development beats moving fast and breaking things any day. Build a solid foundation thoughtfully and then move fast

Customers expect thoughtfully built valuable products, not just an MVP

Need we say more?